Farasbz Aria Jam team with more than 20 years of experience working with the Swiss company Helvachem and manufacturing and producing proprietary formulas for various types of preservatives based on current world knowledge; Over the past years, in addition to imports from Switzerland, with the cooperation of Helvakem company, has carried out production in the country and with the cooperation of R&D team is regularly manufacturing and producing new maintenance formulas required by various industries and so far with a large capacity. Excellent production and quality has been able to meet the needs of many domestic and foreign cosmetic companies

He hopes to minimize the country’s need for imports of these products in the near future and expand exports.

We at Farabz Aria Jam Company, relying on technical knowledge and expertise in order to produce raw materials for various industries, especially preservatives, to meet the needs of industry and producers in our beloved country.

Future perspective

We in Farasbez team are working tirelessly to produce chemical raw materials for various industries and we are trying to minimize the country’s need for preservatives in the near future; In addition

Expand the export market to Asian countries and we hope to enter the European market in the future by relying on excellent product quality and competitive prices.