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About Farasabz AryaJam Company

Farasabz AryaJam products can be used in a wide range of industries!

You must be aware of the critical importance of preservation in maintain products stability and consumer safety across industries.

from cosmetic products to acrylic wall paints, our adaptable solutions ensure protection against microorganisms and safeguard your brand reputation.

Let’s collaborate to address your contamination challenges and uphold the integrity of your products.

Contact us for tailored products, formulation and guidance.

Our Values

Our values center around delivering safe, effective, and sustainable preservatives and other raw materials for your cosmetic and detergent production, driven by innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our goals

Our goal is to diversify our product portfolio to include a wider range of solutions for various industries, levering our expertise in preservatives and ingredients for cosmetic formulations to deliver innovative solutions across different markets

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انتخاب بایوساید مناسب با حوزه فعالیت شما
نگهدارنده صنایع آرایشی و بهداشتی
Our work procedure

Explore the synergy of our diverse teams working together to craft tailored solutions for your needs.

Biocides and preservatives must be chosen cautiously to avoid any side effects; Farasabz AryaJam company formulates the best preservatives for your industry’s needs in a specific work process.


Measurement of environmental pollution
Microbial exposure tests (Challenge test)


Stability tests
Selection of raw materials
Choosing the right solvent in the formula


Measuring the stability of the preservative in the formula
Testing the performance of the preservative in the product
Miscibility with the product's other ingredients


Cosmetic and Detergents raw materials

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Biocide for cosmetic industry


Biocide, paint, resin and glue preservatives

Why do you need the services of Farasabz AryaJam Company ?

General benefits of using biocides and preservatives

Microorganisms are an integral part of human life. Microbes While beneficial in industry and health, their presence can also lead to undesirable effects. microbial contamination causes spoilage and destruction of products, and in some cases, they cause large economic and irreparable damages. Preservatives are essential substances that are added to different products at different stages of their production to prevent or minimize the growth of microorganisms. Isothiazoline is used as a preservative in various cosmetic and health industries, as well as anti-bacterial , anti-fungal and anti-algae in the water and wastewater treatment industry,

Therefore; according to your field of activity; you can choose from different products and a variety of materials to be added to your formulations as preservatives.

What is the benefit of adding preservatives?

What are the benefits of using preservatives and why do we use them?

Adding preservatives to products preserves their quality and the health of the consumer. For example, adding a preservative to shampoo prevents its microbial contamination and maintains the quality of the shampoo during its shelf life, therefore; The consumer uses a healthy product and won’t be threatened by skin diseases and hair loss due to microbes. There are many similar examples of the use of preservatives in the detergent and hygiene industries, as well as preservatives in the adhesive industry, Paint, resin, metalwork, wood, water treatment, construction products, concrete and cement mortar, etc.

prevent the attack of microorganisms thus prevent many economic losses.

فواید استفاده از نگهدارنده ها و بایوساید ها در صنایع مختلف

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Frequently asked questions of Farasabz customers

 Here we have provided some of the common queries that arise during our sales calls, offering valuable insights into our products and services.

The preservative you choose for your industry must be responsive from both a chemical and microbiological point of view. Chemical means that it can be mixed with the product formulation and does not change the phase, viscosity and color of the product. Microbiology means that in various microbial tests, such as the challenge test, MIC, etc., its optimal dose is determined and is appropriate to the type of microorganisms that may later contaminate the product.

For a more detailed review, you can read the article "قبل از خرید نگهدارنده بخوانید! " or contact us.

Yes, our sales and R&D experts will guide you through

To buy, call the office number 02146892612 or 09122253537 or fill out the expert consultation form; We will guide you.

Yes, many organic and mineral substances that are present in natural substances such as tea, mint and some spices, edible substances and minerals have preservative and germicidal properties, but the amount of active substance in them is not enough to replace chemical preservatives. 

Preservatives are essential substances that are added to various formulations to maintain the risk of microbial contamination of products during the expiration date of the product. Since the presence of microbes is unavoidable, the presence of preservatives makes the microbial load low and standardized and a healthy product finally reaches to your consumer.