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About Farasabz AryaJam Company

Farasabz AryaJam products can be used in a wide range of industries!

Your products will not have high stability without preservatives and will surprise you with mold and bacteria after a while. If you are lucky, the microbes will cause a change in appearance, but worse, it may not have an appearance, but it may endanger the health of the consumer. If you are a producer of detergent, paper, paint, pulp, concrete, petrochemicals and oil; The use of preservatives prevents the contamination of your products and protects you from side effects such as unpleasant odor, color change, viscosity change, two phases and corrosion. Farasabz AryaJam Company New Technology Based Firm formulates and produces all kinds of preservatives and is with you until the end. Contact us for purchase advice.

Our goal

Expert advice on choosing the best type of preservative and biocides according to your specialized field of activity

Our work process

The experts of Farasabz AryaJam Company with a specialized review of your field of activity and product as well as production, maintenance and supply conditions; They will formulate the best type of preservative for your manufactured products.

بایوساید فلز کاری
بایوساید صنایع غذایی
انتخاب بایوساید مناسب با حوزه فعالیت شما
نگهدارنده صنایع آرایشی و بهداشتی
How to provide company services

Working process and how to provide services of Farasabz AryaJam Company

Biocides and preservatives that can be used in any industry must be chosen correctly; Frassabz Aria Jam company formulates the best preservative for you in a specific work process.


Measurement of environmental pollution
Microbial exposure tests (Challenge test)


Stability tests
Selection of raw materials
Choosing the right solvent in the formula

To Formulate

Measuring the stability of the preservative in the formula
Testing the performance of the preservative in the product
Miscibility with the product formula

بایوساید فلز کاری

Metal working biocide

ایزوتیازولین شرکت فراسبز آریا جم



Water industry preservatives

بایوساید فلز کاری

Paper biocide


Building chemical preservatives


Preservatives for chemical and petrochemical industries


Biocide for cosmetic industry


Biocide, paint, resin and glue preservatives

Why do we need the services of Farasabz AryaJam Company (producer of biocides and preservatives)?

General benefits of using biocides and preservatives

Microorganisms are an integral part of human life. Although they have benefits and applications for humans and industry, they often cause diseases in humans and animals. Also, microbial contamination causes spoilage and destruction of products, and in some cases they cause large economic and irreparable damages. Preservatives are essential substances that are added to different products at different stages of their production to prevent or minimize the growth of microorganisms. Isothiazoline is used as a preservative in various cosmetic and health industries, as well as a static bacterial agent or static bacteria and fungus inhibitor or anti-fungal and algae in the water and wastewater treatment industry, and you can according to your field of activity; Buy the various products that this company offers; You can place an immediate order by calling or using the order form.

What is the benefit of adding preservatives?

What are the benefits of using preservatives and why do we use them?

Adding preservatives to products preserves their quality and the health of the consumer. For example, adding a preservative to shampoo prevents its microbial contamination and maintains the quality of the shampoo during its use, therefore; The consumer will use a healthy product and will not be threatened by skin diseases and hair loss due to microbes. There are many similar examples of the use of preservatives in the detergent and hygiene industries, in addition to preservatives in the adhesive industry. Paint, resin, metalwork, wood, water treatment, construction products, concrete and cement mortar, etc. prevent the attack of microorganisms and prevent many economic losses.

فواید استفاده از نگهدارنده ها و بایوساید ها در صنایع مختلف

The latest articles of Farasabz AryaJam Company

Frequently asked questions of Farasabz customers

One of the most important concerns of industrial managers before buying all kinds of biocides and preservatives is the questions that they want to get answers to as soon as possible. In this section of the Farasabz AryaJam Company website, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions of your dear ones, which you can read to get information, and also if you have any questions; Share with us through the contact section.

The preservative you choose for your industry must be responsive from both a chemical and microbiological point of view. Chemical means that it can be mixed with the product formulation and does not change the phase, viscosity and color of the product, etc. Microbiology means that in various microbial tests, such as the challenge test, MIC, etc., its optimal dose is determined and is appropriate to the type of microorganisms that may later contaminate the product.

For a more detailed review, you can read the article "قبل از خرید نگهدارنده بخوانید! " or contact us.

Yes . If you don't know what to do to decontamination of your products

If you used to use biocide and preservative, but it is not available now, and other cases, you will be given guidance.

To buy, call the office number 02146892612 or 09122253537 or fill out the expert consultation form; We will guide you.

Yes, many organic and mineral substances that are present in natural substances such as tea, mint and some spices, edible substances and minerals have preservative and germicidal properties, but the amount of active substance in them is not enough to replace chemical preservatives. to take

Preservatives are essential substances that are added to various formulations to maintain the risk of microbial contamination of products during the expiration date of the product. Now, since the presence of microbes is unavoidable, the presence of preservatives makes the microbial load low and standardized and a healthy product reaches the consumer.