Microrganisms are unavoidable part of human life.

Although they have some benefits , lots of them cause human and animal dieases,microbial contaminations and destruction of products and cause lots of economical and health recompenses.

Preservatives are essential raw material that add to different parts of a manufacturing process to avoid microbial contaminations and make microbial growth to the least level.

Adding preservatives to products protects their quality and consumer’s health; for example adding preservative to Shampoo while remaining product quality, prevents further infections thus consumer won’t face skin dieases or irritations by microbes.

There are lots of similar examples of using preservatives in cosmetic and detergent industries, also lots of other industries such as paints and coatings,adhesive, metal working fluids, inorganic materials and construction chemistry, water treatment and cooling towers and … consume different kinds of preservatives and biocides.

We Here in Farsabz team manufacture preservatives and biocides,  with the help of  update knowledge and national specialists.

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